Clinical criteria related to pregnancy morbidity


a) One o more unexplained deaths of a morphologically normal fetus at or beyond the 10th week of gestation, with normal foetal morphology documented by ultrasound or by direct examination of the fetus.

(b) One o more premature births of a morphologically normal neonate before the 34th week of gestation because of: (i) eclampsia or severe preeclampsia defined according to SD, or (ii) recognized features of placental insufficiency (abnormal or non-reassuring fetal surveillance test(s), e.g. a non-reactive non-stress test, (ii) abnormal Doppler flow velocimetry waveform analysis suggestive of fetal hypoxemia, e.g. absent end-diastolic flow in the umbilical artery, (iii) oligohydramnios fluid index of 5 cm or less, or (iv) a postnatal birth weight less than the 10 percentile for the gestational age.

(c) Three or more unexplained consecutive spontaneous abortions before the 10th week of gestation, with maternal anatomic or hormonal abnormalities and paternal and maternal chromosomal causes excluded.º

Important: In studies of populations of patients who have more than one type of pregnancy morbidity, investigators are strongly encouraged to stratify groups of subjects according to a, b or c above.


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