Data sheet is structured in several parts:

– Patient: Demographics and antecedents

– Current Pregnancy: Main characteristics and incidences

– Laboratory data: Obtained values for specific parameters in the case including units of measurement and normal reference values, which could be different in different laboratories.

– Treatment: General data contemplating dose, commencement and termination for each treatment given as a date when possible.

– Labor and Newborn: Regarding type of labor and delivery, presence and type of anesthesia. Newborn status and neonatal complications.

– Placenta: Histopathological changes observed.

– Puerperium: Presence of complications and incidences

– Long Term Follow-Up: persistent situations after the puerperium.

Confidentiality for the individual data of the patient will be ensured throughout the assignation of a EUROAPS number which depends on the number assigned to each hospital and the ordinal number of case assigned from the referring hospital. This EROAPS number will be communicated to the referring hospital to make new communications regarding the case easier. No clinical history number or other private dates will be required.


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