With the purpose of achieving a correct registry of the pregnant patients affected by APS or aPL related pregnancy morbidity, we have designed a database including the main items for this pathology. Data will be obtained from a standardized form registered in the database. It will give us a new tool to study and appreciate the impact and general behavior of the APS in the mother and newborn from a general European population as well as allowing a better approach to establish the best pathways in therapeutic and clinical management. We will accept cases occurred from january 2000     

The formulary has many items. Ideally, all items’ should be filled up, though the final answer was not done. We suggested a limited “obligatory” items (clinical and laboratory). In this way, all interest hospitals may include patients and send information to centralized data bank. We encourage participants to include cases with incomplete, possible o pre-APS. In the same way, the inclusion of women with seronegative obstetric APS (aPL positivity other than LA, aCL or antib2-GPI ab) should be appreciate.    

This website ( will be able to be consulted through the Forum website in charge of Dr. R. Cervera or by means of the specific EUROAPS website hanging to the Institut de Reçerca Vall d’Hebron website. Both websites will be linked, of course.     

Form would be loaded in the EUROAPS website, filled (gaps will be allowed) and sent by mail  specified in the website to the EUROAPS referrals.     

Data will be collected in ACCES but they could be sent in EXCEL form. Data sheet could be sent by mail.New data concerning an individual case could be sent in the same way, specifying the hospital and the number of the case given by the hospital as well as EUROAPS number.     

Data will be registered and the data base will be freely consulted in the website allowing better knowledge of Obstetrical Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome and its consequences.     


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